Passions are in the Air

Miike snow always adds that extra layer with his music videos. For when you want to embrace your instinctive, divine feminine, but still want something you can hit the gym to on burnout day. And don’t even get me started on balancing vulnerability with initiative. Let’s be crazy and admit that we all want for our dreams come true, and that even the supervillains want love.




Dancing Strawhats – Kimono

Really into their expressive, clean movements, without the use of facial expression to clarify meaning. All of their performances have such a great story and usually, a little humor too.

A New Meaning for Harmony

In the album, ‘Solar Echoes’, by Nigel Stanford, the artist uses sound-waves (in addititon to an addictive beat) to alter the acting properties of natural elements. Named ‘Cymatics,’ Stanford aims to “describe… the effect of cymatic frequencies and matter.”

Take Me to Church

Save Me

Because we all need to save ourselves at some point. This song is my first exposure to Listenbee, but I’m hoping to hear more of their goove-induced sound soon. If the rest of their work is similar, their music will play at home, along with Morcheeba, The Knife, and a glass of red wine.

If anyone knows of other songs from the artist, link them below and I’ll check them out 🙂

Do It Again

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