Passions are in the Air

Miike snow always adds that extra layer with his music videos. For when you want to embrace your instinctive, divine feminine, but still want something you can hit the gym to on burnout day. And don’t even get me started on balancing vulnerability with initiative.┬áLet’s be crazy and admit that we all want for our dreams come true, and that even the supervillains want love.





It’s been awhile.
Much is a work in progress
but we’re both still here.

Letting things flow and embracing the change and all the growth that accompanies it. ‘It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock n’ roll,’ ‘we’ll die another day,’ and ‘let the music play.’


Klimt in Real-Life

Inge Prader redefines the collections of Gustav Klimt in a photo-realist take of many of the artist’s “golden phase” paintings. Mainly literizations, with some added interpretation, the selected works draw attention to the pensive and lucid qualities of Klimt’s strategies in composition and movement. Presented in Vienna’s Life Ball last year, the collection both honors and sheds new perspective on the painter’s stylistic approach, as well as the message behind the art.



Just a little visual representation of life, current thoughts, ambitions, etc… And it also happens to be Halloween. PS, that’s me in the yoga pic. Have a lovely weekend.

chanel lily allenyoga wheel morocco travel night interview with a vampirecowboy ride sunset

Painting Wood

This pic is a little old, but this is the end result of my first time painting hardwood. The room this came from had badly damaged carpet so we took it up. The wood underneath was original to the house and in great condition, except for the number of times it had been painted over, and unevenly at that. It was decided to just paint it for cost and efficiency reasons. The floor was tested for lead first, then was sanded, and painted twice with a primer included wood paint. What do you think?


Dancing Strawhats – Kimono

Really into their expressive, clean movements, without the use of facial expression to clarify meaning. All of their performances have such a great story and usually, a little humor too.

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