Styled Re-enactment

French photographer Candice Milon uses exquisite, high-end pieces to recreate the iconography behind some of Hollywood’s most memorable films.


a_clockwork_orange-candice-milon-classic-movie-outfitsA Clockwork Orange

back_to_the_future-candice-milon-classic-movie-outfitsBack to the Future

the_blues_brothers-candice-milon-classic-movie-outfitsThe Blues Brothers

forrest_gump-candice-milon-classic-movie-outfitsForrest Gump


Osaka Station Water Display

Check out this amazing, computer-controlled fountain. Created by the Japanese¬†Koei Industry, the fountain relies on extensive computer programming to coordinate which of it’s several hundred valves to release, and in what order. The result is unprecedented, moving images created through a canvas of water.

Pokemon in Real Life

Artist Arvalis uses digital art and air-brushing to re-invent fan favorites. Listed, in Pokedex order, of course! 
_bulbasaur__by_arvalis-d5hszwc_charizard__by_arvalis-d5hh5md _blastoise__by_arvalis-d5i82dj _gengar__by_arvalis-d5j4zw9 _eevee__by_arvalis-d5mzfqy _dragonite__by_arvalis-d5gma6t

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