Random Googles

When I typed ‘make art’ into my search engine I was hoping to find an easy-to-use online art program. Instead I wound up on the image search side of things, and was surprised with some of the things that popped up.



Kimbra Does It

Bit of a new discovery for me but this girl is highly enjoyable. Random fact, Kimbra is the then unknown voice in Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know.” The eclectic mix of styles she draws from while still appearing timeless is her most interesting feature, apart from her voice of course.

Let’s Keep it 8-Bit

A friend mentioning Wreck-It Ralph got me feeling nostalgic and I ran into this vintage graffiti. Some of the murals are from NES games, others are Pokemon, one of the highlights of my childhood. A serious thumbs up to whoever made, and collected these:

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