But I Want to be Grumpy!

“I live in Brooklyn… in a really… hip neighborhood, and there’s a lot of too-cool-for-school types. The subway is often late. Every time I’m on the… platform and… see the light for the train coming down the tunnel, it takes everything in my body not to yell out: “Hey, everybody! Here comes the choo-choo!” – Zach Galifianakis


Mylar Belongs to Tara Donovan

Light and darkness have never radiated from the same surface like the inexplicable (Untitled) work of Tara Donovan‘s. Now showing at the Pace Gallery until April 9th, this collection for lack of better word, rocks.

According to the galleries press page “Untitled (Mylar), 2011 is composed of sheets of Mylar, which grow into towering organic structures of varying heights rising up to approximately 11 feet tall.”

If you’ve ever wanted to experience your soul getting sucked into a piece of raw, organic work, then this is probably a good start.

Down to ‘Bizness’

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