Cheers Looking at You

Never Hide. Checking out a recent ad collection by Ray Ban.


Animal Adaptation

Photographer Brian Kuhlmann rocks our socks:

Million Dollar Baby

“I tried being reasonable, but I didn’t like it.” – Clint Eastwood

Run, Like the Wind

Some men just like to make things. A glance at some of the fantastical sketches of Leonardo da Vinci.

Armored Car (1487)

Air Screw

Single Man Flying Machine


Today was the last day at the New Museum to see the ‘Free,’ exhibit, which explores images and information found on the internet, influenced by what social consciousness equates to as a result of the Internets existence.

Eclectic and informative, just like the internet.

Trevor Paglen, They Watch the Moon, C-print, 2010

Lisa Oppenheim, The Sun is Always Setting Somewhere Else, 35mm slide projection, 2006.

Mark Ronson – Stop Me

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